Get to Know the Council of Science Editors (CSE)

By AMWA Journal posted 08-08-2017 17:46

by Jennifer Deyton, Board Member, CSE

Off the heels of this year’s annual meeting in San Diego, I want to highlight the Council of Science Editor’s 60 years of achievements. As a long-standing member of the Council of Science Editors (CSE) and a new board member, I am most impressed at the longevity of the society and the continued production of resources that service the publishing industry. Here are just a few of the highlights:

1957 -  The first Biological Editors meet
1959 -  Vol 1 No1, Conference of Biological Editors Newsletter, later CBE Newsletter
1969- The first CBE Meritorious Award (now the CSE Award for Meritorious Achievement)
1972 - Council of Biology Editors Style Manual, 3rd edition (297 pages!)
1974 -  CSE publishes proceedings of the Economics of Scientific Publications
1978 - In paperback:   Scientific Writing for Graduate Students
1980 - CBE's first membership directory
1980 - Seminars, workshops, and the first short course added to annual meeting!
1987 - CBE publishes A Guide to Journal Management
1988 - CBE publishes Illustrating Science: Standards for Publication
1989 - CBE publishes Financial Management of Scientific Journals
1991 - CBE publishes Peer Review in Scientific Publishing
1998 - CSE's new Short Course for Managing Editors debuts in Salt Lake City, UT
1999 - How to Teach Scientific Communication
2000 - It's official!  CBE becomes CSE (Council of Science Editors) , welcoming all science editors
2006 - CSE’s White Paper on Promoting Integrity in Scientific Journal Publications
2007 - CSE begins its alliance with AJPP (African Journal Partnership Program)
2011 - CSE's launches its Short Course on Publication Ethics at the annual meeting
2014 - Scientific Style and Format, 8th edition, goes online!
2015 - The CSE Certificate Program celebrates its first two graduates
2016 - CSE partners with ABEC to mentor educational programs for Brazilian editors
2016 - CSE agrees to a Russian translation of CSE’s White Paper
2016 - The CSE Short Course in Publication Ethics goes on the road to Washington, DC
2017 - CSE celebrates 60 years of achievements in San Diego!

CSE offers many resources beyond our annual meeting. Opportunities for networking and professional development are part of every effort of this mission-driven society. Here are a few of our most popular resources:

Science Editor is CSE’s quarterly journal, with weekly Early Online articles. It serves as a forum for the exchange of information and ideas among professionals concerned with editing and publishing in the sciences. Articles related to peer review studies, editorial processes, publication ethics, evaluating article impact, and other items of special interest to the journal’s readers are encouraged.

CSE’s Publication Certificate was developed for professionals committed to the field and those earlier in their careers who are seeking professional development–with the imprimatur of CSE upon completion of the program’s requirements. It’s time to get started! Applicants must be members of CSE. The application fee is $75. Once accepted in the programs, participants will receive a 20% discount on related activities (webinars, conferences, short courses).

Membership benefits are enormous. Some of the benefits of membership include:

  • An annual subscription to Science Editor
  • Access to your fellow members through CSE’s website and membership directory
  • Access to the CSE Listserv to communicate with members and colleagues on issues of interest to the field of science editing
  • A member discount on the registration fee for the CSE Annual Meeting, which features plenary and concurrent sessions on all aspects of scientific publishing and communication
  • A member discount on the registration fee for webinars on current topics and emerging issues
  • A member discount on the registration fee for the popular Short Courses for journal editors, manuscript editors, and managing editors, Journal Metrics, and more, offered immediately before the Annual Meeting
  • A range of opportunities to participate in the creation of editorial policies and standards. Contribute your editorial expertise to the CSE style manual, Scientific Style and Format, through the Editorial Policy Committee. Round out your activities by participating on other CSE committees, such as education, membership, program, and publications.

CSE has an excellent annual meeting, many opportunities for networking, committee participation, and more. You can follow CSE and hear from our President, Sarah Tegen in her