What’s Your Social Media Resolution?

By AMWA Journal posted 01-23-2018 12:04


Cyndy Kryder, MS
Social Media Section Editor

The fourth week in January is already underway. Have you kept your 2018 resolutions? The AMWA Journal has. Throughout the year AMWA Journal section editors will be curating articles from past issues around selected topics and sharing that content with you.

We’re kicking off the year with a focus on social media. Have you resolved to build your brand through the use of Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms? If so, then these 3 AMWA Journal articles can help guide you. Click here to download the compilation.

The first article, Using Social Media for Marketing: Harnessing the Power of Twitter, LinkedIn, and Beyond, summarizes Ruwaida Vakil and Jennifer Minarcik’s open session at the 2015 Medical Writing and Communication Conference. According to these experts, developing your social media strategy is the first step.

The second article, LinkedIn Endorsements: Meaningful or Meaningless, demonstrates how to use endorsements to fine-tune your LinkedIn profile. Endorsements aren’t as meaningless as some people think.

And finally, if Twitter’s more your thing, check out Larry Lynam’s article about how he uses Twitter for work. I guarantee you’ll come away with a few tips you can use immediately.