What’s your next move? Advancing your medical writing career

By AMWA Journal posted 03-27-2018 16:15

Kimberly Korwek, PhD
Around the Career Block section editor

AMWA is well known as a valuable resource for new medical writers, but it offers a wealth of career-building tools for every stage. I have selected 3 articles that have some great insight for your career, whether you are just starting out, looking for your next move, or just want to keep yourself competitive.

Whether you are booking your first client or your fiftieth, a little inside perspective from a hiring manager never hurts. In her article, Getting Noticed, Hired, and Rehired:
Tips from an In-House Freelance Hiring Manager, Linda Rinehart shares her advice for landing a job—and keeping the client coming back! While geared toward freelance writers, there are some great pearls of wisdom that can be applied to staff positions too.

Even if you are happily in a staff position, the lure of freelancing can be strong. Genevieve Long and Lori De Milto share how part-time freelancing can be a great way to test the waters in From Part-time to Full-time Freelance: A Proven Strategy for Success. They also offer advice on how to make the plunge to full-time freelancing and candidly discuss the resources and effort needed to make it work.

Finally, although AMWA is the professional home for most of us, sometimes we need collaborative support in more specialized areas. Fortunately, there are several professional societies that are related to medical communication. In The Best and the Rest: Exploring Professional Societies Beyond AMWA, Michelle Sauer and Hilary Graham share a large list of professional societies beyond AMWA and give their personal recommendations for organizations based on interest or career path.

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02-15-2019 10:34

I am a novice medical writer seeking a mentor in clinical trials and/or scientific writing. I live in Shreveport, LA; not many conventions or meetings locally, so networking in person has been a huge challenge. I truly want to be a great medical writer - I don't know where or how to begin. Thanks in advance.