Winning the Work: Grant Writing Basics

By Margaret Johnson posted 09-15-2017 10:23


By Margaret Smith, BA, Editor/Writer, RTI International, Research Triangle Park, NC

Battered in the Storm.
The prose was so dense, an army of weedwhackers couldn’t possibly whir through it. No graphics cast their rays of light and color on the text because there had been no time to create them. Sections rushed in for editing as though driven by heavy wind. A different author had written each section, and to gather them into something cohesive would take far more time than the deadline would allow—and that deadline loomed in the distance, as ominous as a weeping willow thrashing in a storm. The Grants_Willow.jpgsituation seemed hopeless and could easily have been avoided.

Shining in the Sunlight. In a different scenario, the deadline is still that same willow tree, but the field around it looks much brighter because proper precautions have been taken to weather the storm. The grant writing team had built in the proper amount of time to create graphics and polish prose. They had scheduled color-coded review meetings. They had enlisted a single point of contact who would manage the submission effort and keep the team informed and up to date—a professional storm chaser, if you will.

In our experience as editors at RTI International, my colleague Loretta Bohn and I have worked on and seen through to submission many shining grants and many unfortunate storm-tossed ones. We have found that a little prevention and care from the authors would have helped the storm-tossed grants to flourish and go on to win the trust of the client. At the Medical Writing & Communication Conference this November, we will share proven techniques that can put your organization into the sunshine of the winner’s circle.

The goal of our open session is for you to come away with knowledge that you can use to become a better writer. We’ll orient you to the world of grants by outlining some common types of grants and requirements for each. No longer will you have to wonder what the difference is between an R01 and a R21 or try to fathom why an NIH grant is so different from a NIDA grant! (They’re both technically NIH, right?) We’ll explain persuasive writing techniques, such as the six C’s: client-focused, compliant, compelling, clear, credible, and concise. We’ll share strategies and best practices that you can use to cultivate a winning submission, such as appealing to your reader’s emotions with graphics and breaking a large deadline into smaller internal ones. Finally, we’ll lead you through several exercises, so you’ll have the opportunity to put your knowledge into practice.

We look forward to learning with you in November and are happy to help you in meeting your writing goals!

Winning the Work: Grant Writing Basics (Friday Nov. 3, 2017 9 AM)
Presented by: Margaret Smith, BA, Editor/Writer, RTI International, & Loretta Bohn, BA, Senior Editor/Writer, RTI International




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