Sharpen Your Writing Sword at the Intermediate HEOR and RWE Writing Skills Session

By Thomas Drake posted 08-30-2017 13:41

By Patti Peeples, RPh, PhD and Tom Drake, MA, CMPP
Medical writers are known for their ninja-like skills, demonstrating agility across numerous therapeutic areas and publication types. Have you been asked to sharpen your proverbial sword (err, pen) and apply it to topics like cost-effectiveness, real world evidence (RWE), or HEOR (health economics and outcomes research)? Do you wish you had more dexterity in this area?

Increasingly, addressing the value of an intervention is a common part of the communication plan, and medical writers are often called upon to convey value concepts by reporting HEOR and real-world data. This request may instill fear in some, but true ninja writers never turn away from a challenge.

Fortunately, this year’s AMWA Medical Writing & Communication Conference in Orlando will provide just what is needed to increase your writing agility with HEOR-related themes.

Two sessions, a beginner and an intermediate level, are being offered that are specifically designed to increase the HEOR medical writing skillset.

On Thursday, November 2, 2:00 - 3:30 PM, Patti Peeples, RPh, PhD, of HealthEconomics.Com and Tom Drake, MA, CMPP, of Global Outcomes Group will teach a 1.5-hour hands-on and engaging session

“Intermediate Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) & Real-World Evidence (RWE): Elements, Concepts, and Writing Constructs”

Specifically designed for attendees who already have a basic familiarity of HEOR and RWE terminology, this session will demystify HEOR using several fun and interactive techniques, including: 
  • Games to help learn terminology;
  • Portrayal of how a typical P&T Committee uses HEOR data to make decisions;
  • Hands-on writing exercise to apply what you’ve learned; and,
  • Your own take-home packet of resources to continue your HEOR writing journey.
This teaching model is based on a successful March 2017 workshop conducted by Peeples and Drake at the Mid-Atlantic AMWA chapter annual meeting.
“This workshop helped me understand that cost-effectiveness analysis is really pretty simple math. I feel a lot more confident with this information now.” ~Attendee, HEOR Writing Workshop, AMWA-MAC, 2017
Session attendees will learn: HEOR_Table1.png

Similarities and differences between HEOR & RWE content and medical/scientific content based on randomized controlled trials;
  • How to utilize the Consolidated Health Economic Evaluation Reporting Standards (CHEERS);
  • Types of common HEOR deliverables (manuscripts, review articles, dossiers) and how these deliverables fit into value demonstration; and
  • Where to access additional resources to improve competency for effective HEOR writing.
If you haven’t registered for the AMWA Annual Meeting in Orlando, do so now. And sharpen your ninja swords with Dr. Peeples and Mr. Drake on Thursday, November 3, at 2 p.m. for the fun-filled and educational 1.5-hour session, “Intermediate Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) & Real-World Evidence (RWE): Elements, Concepts, and Writing Constructs”.

See you in Orlando!

Speaker Information:
Patti Peeples, RPh, PhD
CEO, HealthEconomics.Com
Principal Researcher, HE Institute
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Tom Drake, MA, CMPP
Director, Global Outcomes Group
Reston, VA