Dr Linda Landon

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Research Communique
Jefferson City, MO 65109-9782
United States

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  • Freelance or Self-Employed

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  • Grant Writing
  • Health Economics & Outcomes Research (HEOR)
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  • Scientific Publications


  • PhD, ELS


  • ELS, PRC


University of Missouri
Columbia, Missouri, United States
PhD, 1998
Molecular Pharmacology
1993 To 1998
Dissertation: P2 Receptors in Salivary Gland Secretion

Kansas State University
Manhattan, Kansas, United States
Graduate Certificate, 2014
Applied Statistics
2011 To 2014

Grinnell College
Grinnell, Iowa, United States
BA, 1981
1979 To 1981

Iowa Lakes Community College
Esterville, Iowa, United States
AA, 1979
1977 To 1979


I am driven to do research - all kinds of research. For me, research is like breathing. It's fun. I learn something new every day. Nothing beats the feeling of analyzing data to identify solutions to problems and ways to improve. 

By training, I’m a biomedical research scientist. I earned a PhD in molecular pharmacology and worked in a laboratory for 15 years. I wore a lab coat and had close personal relationships with test tubes and pipettes. I published papers with titles like "Combinatorial Discovery of Tumor Targeting Peptides Using Phage Display”. Then, the unexpected occurred: I became allergic to mice and I could no longer work in labs. 

Research skills are transferable. I apply that competence to my business. Research Communiqué does business, marketing, and policy research to find data-driven insights and recommendations. For businesses and organizations that don’t have in-house analytics, we offer on-demand research and analysis capacity so they can achieve success by using data and information to explore and evaluate opportunities for value.


- I'm driven by the desire to lead small businesses and organizations into a new world of thinking analytically 

- I have a vision that small businesses and organizations can use research to improve, grow, and flourish

- I'm resilient; I have the self-confidence to try, fail, and try again

- I've faced, and have overcome, the fear that accompanies adversity

- My personal goal is to work hard and do my best always

- My friends and colleagues have told me that I inspire them

- I'm driven by the curiosity always to learn more

- I have the competence to accomplish my objectives

- I communicate ideas easily and clearly


- I'm intuitive

- I'm objective: "The anchor of reality"

- I define, clarify, gather information, criticize, and test

- I'm patient and empathetic

- I'm dependable and responsible

Job History

Research Communiqué
President and Owner
Jefferson City, MO, United States
September 2008 - present

University of Missouri
Senior Research Scientist
Columbia, MO, United States
September 1998 - September 2008

State of Missouri
Research Analyst & Epidemiologist
Jefferson City, MO, United States
November 1984 - January 1988

University of Kansas Medical Center
Research Associate
Kansas City, KS, United States
June 1981 - January 1984