Freelance Forum Highlights

By AMWA Journal posted 05-22-2018 16:27


Ruwaida Vakil, MSc
Freelance Forum Section Editor

Freelance medical writers often work from home and miss out on the daily interactions that benefit many onsite medical writers. Networking both in person and online, intelligently sourcing online information, and attending conferences can help overcome these barriers. The Freelance Forum of the AMWA Journal is a section dedicated to the issues frequently faced by freelances. In each issue, your fellow AMWA freelances provide their expertise on the most common questions that freelances face.

In the Spring 2018 issue (Vol 33, No 1) of the Freelance Forum several experienced freelances participated in a virtual Jam Session based on the popular session that has been presented live by Brian Bass at the AMWA Medical Writing & Communication Conference as well as the AMWA-Delaware Valley Chapter’s Freelance Workshop. The topics discussed included demanding clients, contracts, and lawyers, and setting boundaries with clients. This issue was unique since this is the first time we tried this format. Take a look at it and let us know what you think.

Regulatory and clinical trial-related writing is a rapidly growing field. In the special clinical trial theme issue of the AMWA Journal (Vol 32, No 4, p 178), experienced freelances shared their suggestions about how much clinical trial data to include in manuscripts and how to use a clinical study report to develop an outline for a manuscript, as well as how to best understand the regulatory practices in pharma, devices, and biologics. Check it out.

Online resources can be invaluable for freelances, especially when they are free. In the Fall 2017 issue (Vol 32, No 3, p 133), several freelances provided their top picks for online sources of information that are relevant for medical writing/editing. Sources cited included medical dictionaries, medical abbreviations, PDF editors, drug information sites, sources for the latest guidelines, and more. You’ll want to keep this column handy.

If you have any suggestions for topics or questions that you would like addressed in the Freelance Forum please send an email to with the subject line Freelance Forum.