Getting from one place to another…or, knowing where you began so you can know where you are headed

By AMWA Journal posted 01-15-2019 09:56


Dominic De Bellis, PhD
Science Series Section Editor

It’s 2019 and it’s unbelievable (to me, anyway) how time passes. Looking back, AMWA has always been a wealth of information for all. In addition to the members, the Journal is filled with learnings for all aspects of the medical and scientific writing/editing profession. As 2019 begins, the Journal remains more relevant than ever, guiding readers to the future of communicating science and medicine.

Looking back and thinking ahead implies continuity between past, present, and future. As such, the 2-Part Feature series about the “Transport of Substances in the Body” by Laurie Thomas, MA, ELS, reinforces the importance of these complex pathways. As the fundamental principles are explained, we learn that the pathways are not always straightforward and often particles are carried by other molecules or moved via a physical interaction.

Part I focuses on how solutions, membranes, and compartments enable substance transport. The nature of chemical interactions (e.g., bonds), solutions (oil + water), and transport proteins are some of the elements discussed. And not unlike our own career paths, which are moved along by myriad forces, the human body relies on many ways to get molecules from one place to another. Part II is specific to how oxygen and carbon dioxide are transported in the blood. The importance of hemoglobin is central to the article as is an understanding of the chemical nature of these gases.

Molecular journeys and career journeys move through time, sometimes needing help and other times being a force all their own. The parallel between physiologic transport and how AMWA (and the Journal) carries us forward is what resonates with me. No transport process can function without its components and neither can individual writers/editors – we need one another, and AMWA has provided the necessary elements for success. Happy New Year!

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